We Sell & Install Wood-Burning & Gas Log Fireplaces

Having a new fireplace installed can be an exciting endeavor. That is… if you’re working a chimney team you can trust. Here at Chimney Kleen, we’re happy to help homeowners all throughout the Nashville area find the system they’ve been dreaming of. Ask us about installing your new wood or gas fireplace today.

Beautiful wood burning fireplace with rock work surround.
Beautiful Christmas decorated gas burning fireplace with chair on each side.

Wood or Gas? Which Is Right for Me?

Both gas and wood fireplaces have their own advantages – and setbacks – and both are good and effective fuels. What’s most important when weighing the pros and cons is figuring out which fuel type would be best suited to you.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Wood-Burning Fireplace


  • Uses a renewable and easy-to-access resource
  • Offers a more classic and traditional aesthetic
  • Creates those authentic smells and crackles of a real burning fire
  • Will work in a power outage, as long as you have wood to use
  • You can control how fast and hot your fire burns by varying the type of wood


  • Are higher maintenance, required building, maintaining, and extinguishing fires
  • Require hauling, storing, and sometimes seasoning wood
  • Tend to require more overall upkeep – and create more of a mess

Gas Log Fireplace


  • Known for being highly efficient and offering lots of heat
  • Can be turned on and off easily
  • Are low maintenance and very easy to operate
  • No dirty wood piles needed – which means no mess and no ash


  • Isn’t as authentic or traditional as burning wood
  • Some options aren’t very realistic (although many nowadays are)
  • Initial installation tends to be more costly

Need Some Help? We’re Here for You

Need some help weighing the pros and cons or figuring out which system would best suit your home? We’re here for you!

Simply give us a call at 615-292-0461 with your questions, or reach out online to get your next appointment started.


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