Chimney Inspections

In Nashville, a Level I Inspection is the basic chimney inspection that we perform with every sweeping. There are three levels of inspections (Levels I, II and III).

A Level II inspection comes into play when an ‘incident’ has occurred, such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, seismic event, etc. Also, a Level II Inspection is called for when a house is being sold or when the appliance or the type of fuel burned is changed. Evidence of potential issues discovered during a Level I inspection can trigger a Level II inspection as well.

A Level III Inspection is done when some issue or event requires partial or complete demolition to expose internal areas for inspection for a variety of reasons.

The professionals at Chimney Kleen are experienced, equipped and qualified to conduct these chimney inspections and provide detailed evaluations to make clear any conditions that could require correction. In that event, a thorough written evaluation will be supplied with options and estimates.

“Call us for a Professional Chimney Inspection that you can trust.”


When the pros from Chimney Kleen do an inspection, they may find that you need some chimney repairs to make sure your fireplace system is safe to use, so give us a call.